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Barnabas The Builder is going on a social media diet while we focus on our Wasa Lake Renovation and prepare our business and family for a big move to Kelowna BC in May 2014.

Please note that we will be available to look at your projects in Kelowna early May 2014. We are also available in Calgary and have shop set up here as we will be servicing Calgary clients over the transition.

What do you need? We do fences, decks, additions, renovations large and small, finish wood working and also custom wood working.


We come with insurance, WCB, legitimate agreements and detailed scope of work, references and photos, photos and more photos of previous work.

I will be posting some boasts and brags as we effort to attract clients in our new home and I will try to keep job progress up to date but it might be sparse for a while.

Contact Barnabas through our website, Facebook or call 403 860 0617.

Wasa Lake Renovation – Scope Of Work

I have been posting pictures and writing about the progress of the Wasa Lake Renovation since it started in October 2013 and just realized that I have not provided any details.

Drawing Jpeg 001 (2)

The cabin was initially 1040 sq ft and all original. It had been moderately maintained and had good structure with great potential. Upon completion the total square footage will increase by 560 sq ft to a total square footage of 1600 and will be “all new”.

The cabin was completely gutted and two additions were added – one-off the East side along the full length of the structure at approximately 500 sq ft, and another bump out at 60 sq ft on the North wall over what was previously part of the upper deck.

The interior upgrades include a new bathroom and all updates to the existing bathroom. The kitchen is being relocated with all new cabinets, appliances, and counter tops. Bedrooms have been added and all interior updated – new flooring, wood stove, furnace, windows and doors. Behind the walls new insulation, vapour barrier, additional duct work, electrical upgrades, and plumbing requirements for kitchen relocate and new bathroom. Last but not least another new feature is a large and functional laundry room – previously down a very steep set of stairs into the basement/crawl space.

Exterior changes include the obvious new addition and structural changes plus new siding, new metal roof and several creative details that are coming into play as Barnabas and the client get creative in putting it all together.

There is no “designer” on this project – but rather a builder who has always been creative and has been in residential construction for over 18 years. Combined with a great client that has enjoyed the process of planning and also trusting Barnabas’s eye for detail and continued feedback – the process has been successful.

The project started in October will reach substantial completion in 6 to 8 weeks as long as nothing gets added. Some of the final details will require warm weather and so full completion will be just in time for a lovely Summer on Wasa Lake.

Thanks to Bill at CADco for preparation of preliminary drawings, cross section, site plan, elevations, floor plan and assistance in the permit application process.

CadCo final

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Please note Barnabas will be relocating to Kelowna, BC in the Spring on 2014 – but we will be servicing select out-of-town projects based on suitability in Calgary and other areas between Calgary and the West Coast