Custom Work and Art

“Boat On A Box” and Shelves
We called this “a boat on a box” and Barnabas was asked to build this after all the other builders on site gave up. I apologize that we do not have finished photos but it did stay together after the tape came off.

June 2010 063

June 2010 061

Custom Box

Boat On A Box

June 2010 064

Window Seat and Lockers
Lockers Window Seat

Window Seat

Special Boxes and Cabinets
Special Boxes

Custom 3020


Carving and Cabinet

Sky Light Install and Fake Beams
After Construction




During Construction
January 2012 - Beams Skylight 008

Beams and Skylight

photo (3)


Custom Door
Custom Door

Kids Warner Ogden Door May 2009 107

Table and Bed Frame

Recycled Wood Table
Recycled Wood Table

Custom Bed Frame
Custom Bed Frame

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