About Our Team

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Barnabas The Builder is a family run General Contracting/Renovation business. We are small because we like it that way. When you hire us that is exactly who you get. We are devoted to our family, customers, company, and all of its team players.

Barnabas Tacskovics
Barnabas was born in Europe in 1966 and spent much of his early childhood traveling with his family as the son of a talented, and refined painter. He grew up surrounded with beauty and creativity. He grew into a vibrant talented artist in his own right – a craftsman, a carpenter.

In 1991, Barnabas joined a company called River City Woodworks of Fernie B.C. Assigned to a Swiss cabinetmaker, he was involved in all aspects of custom house building. Barnabas learned how to build to last and was encouraged to take his time and to get it right the first time. The standards were set very high and their reputation was of the utmost importance. River City Woodworks built from the ground up with limited sub trades. Barnabas was provided, therefore with training and experience in the total development of home building and renovations.

From 1993 to 1996, Barnabas began to expand his experience and started his Apprenticeship under Gord Ohm of Ohm construction. Barnabas completed his education and was commended by his instructor as being “one of the best builders you will ever know”.

From 1996 to 1998, Barnabas was self-employed as a renovation carpenter. He proved to be very skilled at his work and his pleasant calm demeanor was appreciated by both his customers and colleagues.

From 1998 to 2001, Barnabas explored the industry from a creative angle. He had always been a visual and creative craftsman, and started to explore the fine art industry of woodworking and cabinet making. Employers during this time included: Black Forest Wood Company (building custom designed solid wood doors and furniture); Rich Craft (furniture construction including dressers, armoires, chairs, and tables); and Phil Con Stairs (stair building).

In 2001, Barnabas returned to the business of renovations. For the past 5 years Barnabas has worked as a lead carpenter on a subcontract basis for a local Calgary renovation company. During this time Barnabas honed his skills as a renovation carpenter and begun to prepare for his own venture. Customers continue to love Barnabas and his work. He works steadily and hard and builds to last. He is very professional, respectful and offers excellent customer service.

In 2006 after five years of planning and preparation, Barnabas put his skills and energy into building his own company. His business has been a long time in the making and will stand the test of time. He can turn your imagination into reality with his astounding woodworking skills. His years in the field have given him an excellent overview of entire projects and he is able to project manage and coordinate with ease that only experience can offer.

Barnabas has learned in his professional life to start with a solid foundation and to finish with a perfectionist’s eye. Be it a kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovation, a finishing touch to your home, a creative or a practical piece, new flooring, a deck, or fence, you can be assured that it will be built to last. He can provide you with quality workmanship that will enrich your home for years to come.

Nicole Green
Over the years Nicole has spent much of her extra time exploring the best way to be professional in an industry filled with uncertainty. She is your main line to communication through email and keeps the flow of communication throughout the project. After a long day at work if a question comes to mind she will provide for you in writing a response that will get relayed to Barnabas and will always be followed up. Nicole manages the background and office. Nicole keeps customer relations at the top of her priority list. Nicole can provide answers to all of your questions about “how this whole process works” and is always open to comments and suggestions. She is fiercely devoted to Barnabas The Builder and its success.

Jose Flores
Well respected for his hard work and good work ethic Jose is a big support to Barnabas. He has been a background player with Barnabas The Builder for over 3 years and has proven to be skilled and responsible. – always available to help pick up the pace of a job and move it forward.

We have created a wonderful network that we are proud to be associated with. Welcome to our team! We hope to serve you well!

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