2015 ” I am really happy with my revised pews and Barnabas was great in his work ethic and skill. Thanks so much!”.  Kirstin Wakal – Kelowna, BC – Sanctuary Gardens

2014  “Yes you may put me in your references. He did two exterior screen doors – we still have them and people still ask where we got them”. Cindy Storgaard – Kelowna BC *for work done in 1999.

photo 2 - Copy (3)
Barnabas Handrail

2014  ““We are extremely happy with the custom handrail that Barnabas installed in our house. The attention-to-detail and quality of the work is outstanding. It was a pleasure to have Barnabas working in our busy home at a very busy time. We also really appreciate how conscientious he was about leaving a clean and secure work area while he was away.  We will without a doubt call Barnabas for our next project and I would definitely recommend him to anybody else who is looking for a quality home renovation.”  Jeff Howard – Kelowna BC

2012 – “Scheduled the work, came in and worked steadily until the project was complete, cleaned everything up at the end of every day and hauled it away when the debris started to pile up. Until recently, I didn’t really think that finding a contractor who simply did what they said they were going to do, in the amount of time they said, for the price they said, was an anomaly. Now that we’ve had some hard lessons in how wrong it could have gone, I appreciate your work all the more.” Sean Lindsay – Calgary, Alberta *see Endorsements on TrustedPros site.

2012 ““We hired Barnabas the Builder to add office and laundry room dividers in our walk out basement and repair an exterior wall that was damaged by water when an eaves trough failed. It is an understatement to say that this project had a lot of unexpected surprises due to some really strange DIY add-ons 20-30 years ago and it seemed like every simple procedure met with some oddity that someone thought was a good idea in the 70s. Despite the hurdles and many add-ons of our own that we thought up along the way, we ended up with a really nice living space, just the way we wanted it, at almost exactly what we expected based on our quote and taking into consideration our additions. A lot of attention went into putting everything back together and we certainly feel the difference and could see the difference between what was there before and what replaced it before all the siding and drywall went in again; it isn’t the damp miserable space it once was and we’re very happy with it. The only other things I can add is that when Barnabas said he would be there at 8:30 or 9:00 or whenever he specified, that was when he arrived; whenever materials or demolition debris started to pile up, he’d be there with the trailer hauling it away. Very easy to work with in terms of that attention and concern for our living space as well.”  Sean Lindsay – Calgary, Alberta *original endorsement prior to work after Calgary floods by other contractor – which inspired his second ABOVE endorsement.

2011 – “Barnabas the Builder came to our rescue, when our original contractor quit midway during our kitchen renovations. We were unable to find another contractor who would step in and help complete the work. Nicole & Barnabas were very considerate and also worked within our budget contraints. The work was completed on schedule and budget. Barnabas was on site as promised and worked with us to ensure the work was done to our satisfaction – great communication. He also gave us some very good tips on how to proceed when hiring a contractor for future work. In short – Barnabas & Nicole are very reliable, trustworthy, and provide excellent quality work. Highly recommended.”

2008 – 2011 “Barnabas the Builder is an excellent craftsman and always willing to offer suggestions on how to improve your project and/or how to reduce costs. He has done three projects for me now – one outdoor (replaced old rotting deck with a hardwood deck –> changed from my original idea of using one of the composite materials on the market. It is BEAUTIFUL and will last a lifetime!) and two indoor (1. rec room carpet replaced with laminate flooring and 2. removed a brick faux wall and changed to an up-to-date fireplace wall with two bookcases and a new broom closet) projects. It is great having such a knowledgeable, personable and friendly contractor. Thank you for these jobs and future jobs. – A satisfied customer, Jenny” – Jennie

2008: “I just wanted you to know that we are really pleased with how the bathroom is coming along. It is beautiful. The guys are doing a great job – good attention to detail!” Caroline

2008: “It was so nice to deal with your hubby with this bathroom. When our bathroom was originally done…that stressed me out ***so*** much: hence the three year trepidation on getting it fixed.
The experience with Barnabas was what I expected the first time, so it is nice to see that there are really good builders out there that actually do what they say they are going to do. Please thank him.”

2006: “Barnabas produced a quality end-product that we were very pleased with”. Briggitte

2006: “Barnabas was a pleasure to have on site. He was organized, efficient, and kept the job moving until completion. Thanks for your help!” Ray

2005: “I operate group homes for persons with disabilities, and am always unsure of who I will allow in the homes unsupervised. Barnabas first proved himself reliable in his quote, then to show up on time, to do the job in the time estimated, and to do the job well. Barnabas’ honesty and integrity was apparent and he was invited back by the residents to visit. I would not hesitate to call Barnabas again for any work I need done.”Perry Litwack – Program Manager – Barr Homes

2005: “Barnabas’s craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. His skill professionalism and care to detail impressed our whole family.” Patricia Morgan

2005: “We’ve enjoyed all of the time you’ve spent in our home. And we’ve appreciated your quiet humor and approach in sharing our vision for a space that reflects our likes and lives. Thanks for everything – we’ll admire your work for years to come.” Terry

August 18 2011 - Deck and Family 272
Composite Deck – Barnabas The Builder

2011: “We are extremely pleased with the workmanship and the fact that Barnabas could meet our timelines – our new deck looks awesome! For anyone who has a small project (that many other contractors might decline due to the size) Barnabas is the guy you want to have work for you – he was also good with giving us some suggestions when we were not sure about what materials to use; and used materials that we had on hand instead of buying new stuff. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you have done! Ann Tyrell ”


2009: “We are happy to see that you, Barnabas have your own company now. We had hired Jim Bennett back in 2004 to renovate our home and you were working for him at the time. We were thrilled with your craftsmanship and the quality of your work and it was great to see that you have your own company. We are looking at a couple Reno projects and were wondering if you would be interested in speaking to us about them.” Jim

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