Endorsement Letter 2011

June 8, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Barnabas the Builder

One of the first reasons we hired Barnabas to develop our 1956 Highwood bungalow was he was so familiar with the neighborhood and this type of home. I had met him a year ago in the lane, working at a neighbors, his friendly and personable mannerisms worked for me.

Barnabas’ approach to our project was honest and straight forward. After explaining we had no idea how much our “wants” would cost, he made practical suggestions and offered a fair price that would work within our limited budget.
Nicole was professional in providing us payment plans and scope of work documents. These were easy to follow and complete.

Once the project was underway Barnabas worked within our schedule as far as starting a little later than he liked to and was extremely punctual every day. He guided us in our choices (which is one of the most difficult processes if you are a rookie to this) advising us of what to look from laminate to tile, baseboards to bulk heads. When the challenges arose (and they did) Barnabas remained integral to his commitment for quality and “doing it right”. This is not to say he did not think outside the box, be creative and respond to the situation at hand with thought and planning.

Barnabas’s cheerful demeanor, commitment to high standards, willingness to please and extensive experience made our first renovation project as easy as it can be. There are challenges for everyone, and one needs to realize with multiple trades and availability some time issues will be experienced.

When two unrelated incidents occurred I called Barnabas in a panic, he arrived in minutes, assured me all would be ok and took on repairing things that were out of his realm of expertise. I trust Barnabas completely with his decisions and competency with the task at hand.

Jean Paterson
Yvonne St.Onge

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