Stay Tuned For Additions to this Glossary Of Construction Related Terms


Allowance Item
An Allowance Item is an estimated amount allotted for unknown material selection and subcontractor expenses in a construction project.


Cost Plus Agreement
A Cost Plus Agreement requires a Scope of Work and a monetary/investment amount just like in a Fixed Price Agreement but the amount is an ESTIMATE ONLY. The Contractor will cost track your job and charge you for actual hours and actual material costs plus an agreed to mark up. Sometimes the mark up is a percentage and other times it is a fixed mark-up amount.

Casing is the trim around the interior of your closets, windows and doors. It can be made from MDF or a variety of different woods.


Design Build Agreement
A Design Build Agreement is an Agreement where you will hire a Contractor to support you in planning, designing, budgeting and then building your project for you.


Fixed Price Agreement
A Fixed Price Agreement requires a Scope of Work and a monetary/investment amount placed on that work. The Contractor will charge you that fixed agreed to amount.


Miter Joint
A miter joint is a woodworking joint where the ends are cut at a 45 degree angle and then glued together.


Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter
A Red Seal Carpenter is a certified carpenter who has worked under a Journeyman as an Apprentice for 6480 hours and put in the required four times, six week sessions of training at a trades school.

A riser is the vertical part of the step. Think the part that raises the step up, the front of the step, that supports the part that you step on – which is the tread.


Scope of Work
A Scope of Work is a description of the specific work to be performed on your construction project. This Scope of work is very important and allows both the client and the contractor to keep track of what work will be done including what materials will be utilized.

A stringer is a board running from one floor to another in which staircase treads and risers are jointed. The stringer on the outside is called the outer string. The string up against the house is called the wall string.


The tread is the horizontal part of the stair – the part you step on.


Volume Builder
A Volume Builder is a contractor that takes on several projects at one time and usually has a key project manager floating from job to job keeping a crew or several crews organized.

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