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Tis The Season – Sloof Deck

Tis the season to start planning ahead for decks, fences, sheds and anything and everything that will make your yard more beautiful and functional. Be inspired – think sun, summer, fun and barbecue. We will hustle and get the project done so you can forget about the summer project that you think is going to […]

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Interior and Exterior – Multiple Projects Endorsement

2008 – 2011 “Barnabas the Builder is an excellent craftsman and always willing to offer suggestions on how to improve your project and/or how to reduce costs. He has done three projects for me now – one outdoor (replaced old rotting deck with a hardwood deck –> changed from my original idea of using one […]

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Wasa Lake Renovation

With a remodel and older structure, the flooring is often not level and has to be remedied with the application of a floor levelling compound. With traditional hardwood it is not always necessary but with engineered hardwood it becomes more critical. The client chose an engineered hardwood and the floor required more than one application […]

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Unique Endoresment

Jin wanted to transform his unfinished basement into a suite he could rent out. He was very nervous as his English was broken but we persevered through communications and got the job done on time and to his satisfaction. Here is the lovely endorsement he provided as we requested in his beautiful language: Here are […]

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Moving Forward – Wasa Lake Renovation

Things are in full swing with mud and tape done as well as some additional insulation was put into the crawl space to make it extra cozy and warm in the cabin during winter months. We are really pleased with the quality of work by our mud and taper – Richard. Here is a sample […]


Letter of Praise – Basement Renovation

Some clients offer phone numbers and contact information so we can use them as references, others offer a short endorsement of praise and occasionally a client will write a well thought out letter of praise.  This is one of my favourites: June 8, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: Re: Barnabas the Builder One of the first […]

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More Bliss Than Building – Wasa Lake Renovation

Great Clients are like great Contractors – not easy to find and so when you do you treat them right and work together for years in bliss. Okay, okay….bliss might be a STRONG word – we are in the business of renovations and even the best of renovations will test all people involved. Needless to […]

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A small house compound on Whidbey Island

Originally posted on Small House Bliss:
This small house consists of a cluster of tiny buildings. A bridge leads to a tiny entry building that serves as the home’s front door. Beyond is a covered deck around which the other parts of the house are arranged. The living space is to the left, the sleeping…

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Window Seat and Lockers

A fellow builder albeit a custom home builder we know recently posted this article . It reminded me of a number of projects Barnabas has done to make better use of small spaces. I was particularly reminded of this project with a window seat bench and also a porch with sit down bench and […]