Woman In Trades – Welcome Charlotte

We were not planning on expanding further our team when Charlotte called out of the blue reflecting one of those sort of persons who has initiative and gumption.  She had recently completed training at the YWCA woman in trades program and had been laid off after a couple of months working for Atco Trailers.  She found Barnabas through a random search – called more than once and expressed that she wanted to be a part of something like “that”.  Barnabas was very impressed in the interview particularly with this young womans attitude and we decided to give her a chance.  Week three into her contribution to the team we are thrilled that she called.

Over the years we have talked a lot about supporting woman in trades.  I actually knew about this program from earlier in my life when I had looked into it for myself. Our interest in hiring woman is two-fold – one reason is that woman need these opportunities to work hands on and make the same kind of money as men, the other reason is because I understand the type of person that chooses to go against the tradition.  Woman in trades tend to pay closer attention to detail and work twice as hard for the simple reason that they are in a more vulnerable position for proving themselves.  This was the push we needed and we are moving in a very exciting direction.

Welcome Charlotte – I hope we can be all “that” and provide you with an amazing learning opportunity.  With the continued support of Calgary we hope to continue supporting you and possibly other woman from this program.

Check this amazing program out http://community.ywcaofcalgary.com/trades

Where Has Barnabas Gone?

An opportunity came up for taking our crew to Saskatchewan to finish some houses.  Barnabas will be away off and on with this work but is eager to line up your next renovation project for taking on right here in Calgary.

We recently made a new hire bringing our crew from 2 up to 3 – I will introduce our new star in the next couple of days but with this new hire we wanted to be sure that we had ZERO down time.  Zero down time means we keep this crew intact and this is the best bunch we’ve had in a while.

Barnabas is taking calls as usual and will meet for site review when he is in town in between.  Our out-of-town work is flexible and so we should be able to fit you in.

Please call Barnabas for all of your carpentry and renovation needs 403 860 0617.

Basement Transform For Friends – Endorsement

We recently received this endorsement from friends previously mention in Basement Transform For Friends – check that post here https://barnabasthebuilder.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/basement-transform-for-friends/ .

“We hired Barnabas the Builder to add office and laundry room dividers in our walk out basement and repair an exterior wall that was damaged by water when an eaves trough failed. It is an understatement to say that this project had a lot of unexpected surprises due to some really strange DIY add-ons 20-30 years ago and it seemed like every simple procedure met with some oddity that someone thought was a good idea in the 70s. Despite the hurdles and many add-ons of our own that we thought up along the way, we ended up with a really nice living space, just the way we wanted it, at almost exactly what we expected based on our quote and taking into consideration our additions. A lot of attention went into putting everything back together and we certainly feel the difference and could see the difference between what was there before and what replaced it before all the siding and drywall went in again; it isn’t the damp miserable space it once was and we’re very happy with it. The only other things I can add is that when Barnabas said he would be there at 8:30 or 9:00 or whenever he specified, that was when he arrived; whenever materials or demolition debris started to pile up, he’d be there with the trailer hauling it away. Very easy to work with in terms of that attention and concern for our living space as well.”  Sean

Again working for friends is tricky – communication can be more difficult than it would be in a normal client/contractor relationship but it can be done. Thank you Sean.

Fully Functioning Bathroom – AT LAST

We are done the remodel and remedy of the botched bathroom.  The owners have moved in and Barnabas has taken some last shots of the finished product.  I might have suggested he fold those little hand towels or otherwise put them away but you can see the difference.  It’s a big difference.



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This has been a very rewarding project for us. Taking good people and setting the stage for life to be normal after a rough go is worth every hour of our service. May you all hire excellent contractors that do good quality work in a timely professional manner.

Bathroom Remedy On The Way

Back in August we quoted on a job for a lovely couple that had a disastrous scenario with regards to a bathroom renovation gone wrong. The short version is they had a bathroom renovation disaster like none we have ever seen before. For reasons we can all guess they left the bathroom in this unfinished state for over two years and were hesitant to trust again but decided to take a chance on us. Look at this post and photos of the bathroom as per pictures taken in August https://barnabasthebuilder.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/botched-bathroom-ouch/

I am so glad to say we are half way done on bringing these people to closure and bringing them the peace of mind that comes with having a functioning bathroom.

These photos are some before and some of the deconstruction phase. Stay tuned for completion and breathe a sigh of relief for good people in a tough situation.

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Love to renovate your bathroom next, call Barnabas in Calgary today 403 860 0617.