Basement Developments and Renovations

We’ve done a number of basement developments including a couple of suites, gut and remodel and then just simple finishing of undeveloped basements.  I am not sure why but we never seem to get photos of these developments because quite simply they all look similar and the photography on them is difficult.  We need to invest in a wide-angle lens I am told.

Please check out these photos from basement suite development that we did in 2006:

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Check out this remodel of a basement – includes bathroom remodel:

Recently I needed to update my references for this type of work and requested a reference from a client that we remodeled the basement for in 2008.  She sent me this today:

October 30, 2012
Back in April of 2008 we needed our basement finished asap as my sister was moving in.  Barnabas had previously re-done a bathroom that had been disastrously renovated and we were quite happy with the work he did then.  He started our basement when he said he was going to start and addressed every concern we had promptly and to our satisfaction.  He worked completely within our budget and got the job done on time.  There weren’t any surprises.
I am happy to say that four years later we are still very pleased with the work that was done.  We have had no problems at all. We would absolutely consider hiring Barnabas for any future renovations.
Annabelle Sotvedt

I am sorry about the photos on the web site.  I have not looked at them in a very long time and they are seriously outdated.  I would present them differently as well and I will be working on that site eventually.  In the mean time our lovely clients continue to keep us busy despite our dated website.

Thank you, all!

Wasa Deck Completion

We are really proud of the deck out at Wasa Lake.  As a result of the cold weather and snowfall we decided with the client to finish the stairs in the Spring but you can see the end result of the deck is awesome.

I have also included my usual slide show with the remaining construction photos plus more end result photos for those of you that are looking at construction quality and not just the end result.

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To view two other separate phases of construction on this deck you can check out these two links:

It looks like the snow is here to say and we are on to a cozy little bathroom project – the boys fortunately only had a couple of days of snow work which is much better than last year!

Window or Door?

During the Wasa Lake deck renovation we made a logical switch.  Where a window was we installed a patio door for an easy second access to the deck.  It is often these simple changes that enliven a space and make it more functional.

Touch ups are required for we did have to make a stucco repair – just waiting on the paint match.

The deck is done other than a couple of details that are going to wait until Spring.  I will post those up in the next couple of days!

Snow Flies – Wasa Lake Deck

Every year we seem to get stuck wrapping up projects outside in the snow.  There is always somebody who wants that last-minute deck, fence or shed.  In this case we love these clients and felt relatively confident we could start and finish before winter visited.  Unfortunately with about two days untill a wrap we received about 10 cm of snow .  This is pretty early for our region but not unimaginable.  Sorry boys, stay warm!

Here are some more construction photos:

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The boys have not sent me any snowy pictures yet and I do not dare to ask for them.  The finished project photos will show some snow if it lasts – it’s not that cold though its easy for me to say that all snuggled up in the house today.

If you have a basement or interior renovation on your mind – please call.  We are currently booking for end of November/December.

A Rotten Wall

We were supposed to be removing an existing window, cleaning out the rot, reframing to support properly and then reinstall a new window.  Unfortunately the entire wall was wet and rotten – not just any wall but a load bearing wall that was supposed to support the second story!  A one day project turned into a week-long project but moving forward from this “rotten”discovery were no more “icky” discoveries.

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This lovely couple has been in this house less than a year and this is one tale of many for them.  For the sake of helping them I hope to hear from them again BUT I would rather they have some better luck moving forward so they can put their hard-earned money to “fun” stuff.  The house was sold to them by a realtor and they did have a professional home inspection done.  Barnabas pointed out signs of more to come and was very discouraged about the quality of the inspection.