Basement Transform For Friends

With a little hesitation we took on a small renovation project for friends.  I was hesitant because as much as I knew we were offering good friends a good service – renovations can be stressful and things can get uncomfortable.

As much as possible we tried to keep things on par with how we “normally” operate but in some cases I just wanted to work for free especially when opened up walls revealed additional work.  Fortunately these friends are also self-employed business people and so I was reminded by them that business is business and we must operate that way.

I will try to get some pictures up but I find basements hard to photograph unless one has a wide-angle camera.  I did not take any pictures but because these clients are in the film industry they will send me some eventually.

We are full throttle and as I predicted the fall rush is one.  Barnabas is off to build a deck for a client on their lakeside property and then to lay some flooring in their home.  After that we will be venturing on to that botched bathroom as mentioned here .  Hopefully we can get them in a nice position before Christmas.