Deck Project Endorsement

Well – it was only a week ago that I posted the preliminary endorsement for the small deck we built in July.  I figured they would get busy and forget about us but they did not which is quite impressive.  Here is the link to that project

This is the endorsement letter for the work we did:

We hired Barnabas to build a new deck for us in July 2012. We had a deck up previously that had sunk a bit and my wife and I wanted to have a larger deck area so we decided to look around for a builder. We were lucky enough to find Barnabas and Nicole after answering an ad on Kijij.
I can’t say enough about the professionalism and flexibility of Barnabas during our experience. He had to remove our existing deck, lay a more solid foundation and build the new two-tier deck that we had designed. Barnabas met me early one morning to discuss things so that I wouldn’t have to miss time at work and after agreeing on the design and the price, Barnabas got started.
He met the deadlines we established and it was an extremely positive experience for us. I had a natural gas line installed at the same time and Barnabas was very accommodating and worked with the plumbing company we chose so that the gas line could be run through the deck framing so it isn’t as visible.
I won’t hesitate to recommend Barnabas and Nicole nor to hire them again for our next project. It was a great experience and we feel that we got top-notch value for our dollar.
Thanks for everything!
Sean and Heather Herman

The Preliminary Endorsement

It really is a good feeling to be appreciated and we really do appreciate all of our clients.  I got this email the other day with regards to a small deck Barnabas built a month back.

Hi Nicole,
I’m sorry, I meant to answer this earlier and then it got buried in my inbox. Heather and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with you and Barnabas. You can definitely use us as a reference. We will try to type up an endorsement for you soon as well.

I had asked for feedback on the end result of their project and like we all do they got busy .  I was pleased to hear from them.  Here is that project

Botched Bathroom – OUCH!

I am not a huge Holmes on Holmes fan for a variety of reasons – one being that I do not like to focus on the bad but these scenarios keep coming to us and I do believe people should be aware. We have quoted on the remodel of this botched bathroom renovation. The clients are in there 70’s and they have not disclosed to us the specifics but this has been the state of their bathroom for almost one year.

Check it out:

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Can you imagine?

Fall Rush – Book Now

We have been in business as Barnabas The Builder for over six years and in that time have also been very busy raising four beautiful boys.  In that rush we have not had the time to watch carefully and notice trends in our lead generation.  With the kids a little older we have started tracking more closely and this year it is official – summer is our slowest season and the fall is our busiest season.  We used to get geared up for winter like squirrels preparing for a deep freeze but fall is actually so busy that projects spill over and then our moderate spring season starts up.  It was summer we should have been storing for and this year was a clear example of that.  Summer was slow!  Just as we were kicking back and taking in the sun so were our clients and so it should be.

The thing is the sky is changing – the days are cooling off and we are getting ready for the hustle.  It is important for clients to understand this trend for the simple fact that you do want to hire the cream of the crop and you do not want to be stuck with a bottom of the barrel contractor.  Plan ahead for this time if you have renovations or home repairs.  The quoting process takes time and we will book up quickly.

I will be posting in the next couple of days another sad example of why you need to do your homework when hiring and you should never look for the lowest price contractor.

Happy home life people!  It is where you hang your hat!