A Simple Deck

We built this little bitty deck out in Chestermere.  It is quite a simple and small deck made out of pressure treated material.  We are on to a much larger two tier deck next so we can call this the warm up deck.

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It was hot and such a relief to go swimming in the lake at the end of the day – I think that is the reason for the big smile!

Door Adjust – It Can’t Be Done?

Our client wanted to change the swing of the brand new doors their previous contractor had ordered incorrectly and installed.  The door manufacturer told them that it was not possible to adjust nor exchange and they would simply would need to order new doors.  Barnabas made a special trip to the door supplier and they told him the same story – can not be done.

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Barnabas is a builder true and true.  Not just trained to follow the norm but rather creative, innovative and able to find solutions where others can not.  He and the client made the decision that it would be worthwhile to let Barnabas have a go at this project rather than make a heavy investment into new doors and he indeed was able to successfully take the hardware apart, put it back together and adjust the door swing.  I am not sure the details but the issue was in the special door hardware and locking device.

Have a good look at the pictures – the deck in the background was also built by Barnabas.

Further Thanks From Mad Michael – FLOODING

On the Mad Micheal project (read previous post or click here https://barnabasthebuilder.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/apartment-remodel-completion/ ) everything wrapped up quickly including the sale of the Condo.  During the wait time while the condo was still vacant a blockage occurred in the drainage – not in our suite, but our suite was the one that was used for auguring to release the blockage down the line.  In this unfortunate event the entire kitchen cabinets were damaged and so the building manager started the process of insurance and remediation.  The remediation company called on site put the job in their queue while the insurance company took its time to make decisions for go ahead and actual remediation.  This wait was unacceptable to our client who wanted to ensure the sale and transfer of ownership went as planned.  Barnabas rearranged his schedule and went on site to get the suite ready for new ownership.  It was a frustrating and vulnerable situation for our client as per the geographical challenges with him living on the other side of the country.  We were able to communicate with applicable parties and with final word from Micheal got the job done by noon on the day the new owner was slated to move in.

This was his note of thanks:

Dear Barnabas and Nicole,
I am late in getting back to you for saving my butt!
Excuses aside, thank you ever so much for responding to the flooding.  I am glad I had the funds and yourselves to make sure the closing happened.
Best in the future and if ever you are out here…
Check out this post https://barnabasthebuilder.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/does-your-contractor-carry-insurance/.  I wrote this while we were sorting out the flooding in Michael’s suite.  Had this been our fault our insurance would have covered damages.  Fortunately we did not have to tap into this insurance but it is an example of why you should always hire Contractors with paperwork in place.

Thank You From Mad Michael

On a recent project https://barnabasthebuilder.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/apartment-remodel-completion/ we received the following note of thanks at the end of the project:

The job Barnabas did was excellent.  As you know, I set up interviews with 8 contractors for the project, six of them showed and only four gave estimates.  Barnabas was the first interview and after the other views, I knew he was the one who GOT the project.  The time allowed was short.  Yes, the renos went beyond time expectations but not unreasonably. I know my Mother and Father would be proud.  They were such perfectionists in all they did in life.  Michael White


Michael lives on the other side of the country and was such an amazing client.  We appreciated how he made the decision to put his trust in us and we made it our priority to be trustworthy.  This is how it should be!

If we ever make it out East we will be sure to visit his specialty smoke house and so should you – it sounds amazing and clients come all the way from Ottawa to eat his fine and well-loved food!  Check it  http://www.madmichaels.com/

Recent Thank You Note

We have done a lot of work for Pat over the years including a bathroom renovation, a fence section and a garbage area restructure to accommodate new garbage bins.

We recently put some simple shelving up in her storage area.  It is always a pleasure to work for Pat and I highly encourage home owners to develop good relationships with their contractors.

This is the most recent thank you note from Pat:

Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say thank you to Barnabas.  He was gone by the time I got back home.  I think I heard a choir of angels singing Hallelujah when I walked into the storage room.  So now, I know I can work at getting stuff back in. Hope you all have a wonderful summer, Pat

We truly appreciate our clients and enjoy the relationship over time.  Our first project for her was the bathroom and that was over 5 years ago.  We will usually drop what we can to accommodate her if she is in a bind.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.