Fence Repairs – What Would Your Contractor Do?

Lumber / Timber

Lumber / Timber (Photo credit: freefotouk)

I would rather say we are perfect and that all of our projects are flawless but that would be unrealistic even for the best builder.  In the Fall 2011 we built a fence for a very nice young family.  We built it to the specifications of our specialty fence that is superior in quality and meant to last.  Unfortunately we live in a large city where our lumber often comes from Home Depot, Timber Town and generally large building yards and so we got what we got and that was wet material.  We proceeded with the build as the client wanted the fence up for legitimate safety reasons and we could not find better lumber – we took a chance.  Within 3 months in our super dry climate boards were twisting and the fence was not looking so good.  The lumber yard kids did not have anything to offer and shrugged their shoulders commenting, “yeah lots of lumber complaints during that time”.  The winter had come and so we agreed to remedy the problem in the Spring 2012 which brings us to now.

Our reputation is of the utmost importance to us and so we covered the cost to replace boards and of course held true to our warrantee.  With experience and time we have built a company that has in place the financial reserves to take care of our clients in the face of warrantee work.  In our earlier days when we were passing out “good deals” we would have been stretched and found it difficult to take that downtime, cover the cost of material and do the right thing.  We would have done it but it would have been difficult and also jeopardized our ability to continue operations.

What would your contractor do?  Remember when you think you are getting a good deal you might be dealing with a company that will not stand the test of time.