Does Your Contractor Carry Insurance?

We’ve had general liability insurance since we started operating independent from other General Contractors in 2006. We’ve never had to use it but we recently had a scare – which brings me to writing here. Fortunately issues that might have warranted our using the insurance we’ve been paying into for several years were not related to our work. BUT we had the insurance in place just in case.

Please ask your contractor for an insurance certificate. I have a copy of ours in PDF and send it along with references for every new potential client. I also send a copy of our city business licence. This is so easy for me to do and it is possible that your new potential contractor does have all of his paperwork in place but does not think to send you copies.  Ask for it!

Remember should something go wrong and your contractor is not insured he also may not have the funds to cover your loss. What is a good deal now might be the worst deal you ever got into in the long run.

If you are a contractor operating without insurance – get it! No matter how good you are – things can go wrong. Do not leave yourself and your client in a devastating position. Life is too short for messes like that.

If you think your job is too small to concern yourself with hiring a legitimate contractor with insurance – think again.  Any construction – big or small can come with unexpected surprises and chances are your less experienced contractor that does not have his paperwork in place is more likely to make mistakes.  Of course – your chance to take.

Should You Finish Your Deck?

We often have clients that want to save just a little and so they opt to finish their new deck themselves (same goes with interior painting).  Most often this works out just fine and we certainly do not mind however of late we are reconsidering for the sake of saving our clients down the line and keeping our work best representing the quality we like to provide.

All too often the intention is to apply a finish right away however life gets in the way and for the very same reason they did not build the deck themselves they also might want to consider having us take the project to completion and get that protective finish on.

In the case of the following deck I do not have photos of completion/no tools/project wrapped up but I do have photos of the near completion.  After the final wrap up and during the in between time while the client was busy and had not quite gotten to the finishing – life happened.  The dogs scratched up the surface of the deck and sticky debris found its way to the surface.  The client hired a pressure washer guy to come out and the fellow completely marked up the entire deck when he used too fine of a pressure.  The client will now have to hire the job out or otherwise rent a sander to sand it down and then apply the finish.  No judgements – this could have very easily happened to us at home with our very busy lives.  The question is will it happen to you?

This is an ongoing client and so I will have the opportunity to post up some photos of the end product.  It really is a great little deck lining a fabulous pool.