Recycled Art

In all of Barnabas’s dreams he would make beautiful art.  He might never develop a basement again.  I think he has what it takes because he is good at creating.

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This beautiful flower was made with recycled melamine – it is about 4ft tall by 2 1/2 ft wide and brightens our living space.  The black that appears in the photo is actually dark green.  Perfect for a cabin or cottage.

Apartement Gutt – Deconstruction

We have been working on gutting out and remodelling an apartment in downtown Calgary.  It is being done with basics as it was inherited and the owner wants to resell.  He is being very realistic that most people will renovate to their own taste anyways.

Here is some photos of the before and the deconstruction phase – note we were also responsible for removing all personal items:

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This has been a fun project for me as it has many management components.  It has been fun for Barnabas not for the sake of it being a high-end woodworking/artisan project but rather because the client has been incredibly interesting to work for.  It has been nice for both of us because we have been put in a position of trust and we will rise to the occasion by being ourselves and working with integrity.

One of the nicest things is that the client decided to hire us while he is not in town and after he made the choice to hire us he has been positive.  So often people will hire us but then have one foot out the door – always unsure and always scared.  With his confidence we have able to relax and simply do our good work.  That trust and confidence truly does go both ways.

We have been under the gun with this one – trying to start and finish in one month.  I suspect the project might go slightly over but it will be close.  I will post pictures of the middle stage and also the end product – when we get further along.  Start was March 1 and projected end is April 1st.  Makes one wonder about these bathrooms, kitchens, basements that take 6 months.  Should rarely be the case.